Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul




Sending Down our roots and remembering the Soul


​Mark is an Artist, Illustrator and Writer and has studied with many great teachers in the healing arts of Herbal Medicine, Plant spirit Healing and Geomancy. Mark studied in Ireland on an Apprenticeship course with Herbalist Nikki Darrel. ”We would often work outside learning directly with the plants, using our senses as well as our intellect. Becoming aware of our ability for non verbal communication and the intelligence of the natural world that we are a part of is a path to healing not only ourselves and others but also to our greater relationship within the inter connected web of nature.

To put it simply the key part to my work is listening.. Listening is a state of presence, of whole body awareness, simultaneous awareness to both the inner and outer. Listening deeply with our awareness opens an expanded, receptive, connected experience, one that our Hunter Gatherer ancestors were accustomed to as they performed the most natural of acts.

”It was also in Ireland that I first came across the Labyrinth whilst Woofing at Carraig Dulra permaculture farm. The labyrinth can help us to forge a deeper connection with ourselves, helping to facilitate a sense of body awareness and bringing us in to altered states that are conducive to communicating with the plant kingdom. An awareness of the lower abdomen, heart and peripheral vision has been used by trackers and many hunter -gatherer cultures to tune in to the spirit of the land, animal and plant kingdoms”.

Mark has hand written and illustrated a book on his journey with the labyrinth and how it can help connect us to the subtle energies of plants and the land, ”Re-wilding with the labyrinth”

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m looking at doing a herm labyrinth on my double-plot allotment. I wondered if I could meet up with you to discuss it?


  2. Hi, how do I get in contact with you? Do you work near Glastonbury? We are visiting from Sweden the 26 until 29th of september. Best regards Susanna and Helena

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  3. Hello (:
    I came across your book in the forest of dean and felt a resonance with this merging of plant medicine and sacred labyrinths.. you came up suddenly, and I wondered if youre still creating them? Im keren, non practicing herbalist and concoctionist now in somerset but soon leaving where im staying and looking for a new venture and plant folk to connect with and possibly a place to deepen my relationship with the green allies
    Are you currently involved in a project?
    Many thanks,

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  4. I was born and brought up in the Forest of Dean, but now live near Frome. I have one a Rewilding (of the self) apprenticeship and would love to connect with other Gaian friends nearby.

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  5. Hi Mandy, thanks for you post and as said earlier will look at the possibility of starting up a group?


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