Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Labyrinth builds

Here are some examples of labyrinths that I have created to date. I am available for labyrinth builds, workshops and courses. Nature connection is always at the forefront within my work and each build is a conscious co-creation with the spirit of the land, plants, beings and elements of that space.

The image below is a 7 circuit classical design labyrinth built for the Hermitage, a part of 42 acres retreat centre in Frome, Somerset. The stone is a local Somerset stone, which was residing up in the woods behind the courtyard. A week or so later I was told that the stone had once stood in the form of an old outbuilding just behind the railings above the back wall, right in line with the labyrinth. I love the fact that the stone has come back in the form of this sacred shape in such a prominent part of the courtyard. The stone too has a dream to share when we are still long enough to listen.



Above: This was a private commission in Wick, near to Langport, Somerset, UK. You can view details if you wish to visit the labyrinth here at https://labyrinthlocator.com/home.

Below: Is a temporary 7 circuit classical design candle lit labyrinth, Created as part of a workshop on the sacred art of the labyrinth with http://www.sacredartofgeometry.com at Emerson College, Forest Row, UK .


Below: Is the Herb Labyrinth in its infancy at Tuppenny Barn, West Sussex, UK.




You can email me at markwillenbruch@yahoo.co.uk for any queries.