Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul



Wild food is not only the most nutritional, mineral dense food we can consume but it also has the ability to tap us in to the natural World and re-awaken our human potential. It can be as simple as munching on a few Dandelion leaves. Wild plants grow all around us, our back yards are full of them. When we start to consume these highly potent fruits of the Earth we are building ourselves from the environment, becoming apart of the ecosystem, through the food that the human body is designed to be nourished with. When we eat processed non food substances,i.e (Junk food) the body does not recognise it as food and stores it in fat cells binding it up waiting for an opportunity when it can be detoxified and released. Ok so I’m not saying we have to immediately stop eating all food we enjoy but if you are interested in re-wilding, personal health, developing your connection to nature/spirit, foraging etc then adding wild foods to your diet is of amazing benefit and changes us on a cellular, mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual level. DSCF0686


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