Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Winter Berry Stock

 Berry Good Wild Fruit Stock

I was introduced to this wonderful way of including all the winter berries in one go by the wonderful wild woman, Ffyonna Campbell. Ffyona lives and runs wild food walks down in Devon near to Buckfastleigh. Ffyona teaches in a way that is different to any other walks I have been on and the difference for me was Deep Listening!!!!! Hurray… The walks are done in silence other than Ffyona’s information and before starting, time is spent breathing, listening, tuning in to the environment and a sweet blessing;

Blessings on the blossom,

Blessings on the Fruit,

Blessings on the leaf and stem

And blessings on the root!

She’s also produced a lovely hand written and illustrated booklet for each seasons foragables.




So the winter berry stock can be used as a soup stock for soups, stews, broths, casserole’s, to marinate meat in or as warming winter drink. Use the following berries :- Sloes, Elderberry, Hawthorn berries, Rowan berry, Guelder Rose (Add a few), Rose hips,(must strain through muslin to get rid of hairs.

The bitter tart berries have the quality of breaking down the meat in the digestion process. Ffyona highlighted how eating wild food in season provides us exactly what we need and when we need it throughout the year. Going in to the fall typically we would start eating meats, Deer perhaps and the berries that are around this time of year help to break up the tough meat and stop it getting stuck in our digestive tracts.


Rowan berries (a hand full), Sloes, Hawthorn, Guelder Rose berries (Just a few).


Also added some crab apples and red grapes in to the mix for good measure. Pop the crab apples in the oven first for about 10 mins before to release their sweetness.


Pop them all in to a large pot. dscf1249

Then cover with 3 times the quantity of water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30mins.


Sieve or Strain and you are left with this deep purpley medicinal saucy liquid to do what you will with. I made a Venison casserole and used it for the stock. It was lush!


Also makes a gorgeous warming berry brew, sweeten with your favourite sweetener.