Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Working with Plant Spirit

Plant Spirit Healing


In our expanding domesticated Urban World, learning to hear the wisdom of the plant kingdom offers a way back in to balance with our world we have thought ourselves separate from. Many of our ancestors felt and experienced their connection to the plants, the animals and the land they are apart of. Scientists have been baffled by the answers they have received time and time again from the indigenous cultures on how they received their extensive knowledge of the plants they use. Without the access to the scientific models and facilities with which to experiment at the biological level just how could they be so accurate? To know which plant out of the thousands surrounding them cured specific illnesses and even combining plants that without the combination would not have had the desired effect. The scientists repeatedly received the same answer… ”The plants told us”.

This may sound bizarre to the Western mind set but it is exactly for this reason that we do not perceive the world in this way, our ‘mind set’. We, particularly in the West and modern World, have our consciousness firmly located in the head brain, we tend to ‘logicalize’, compartmentalise, separate and think things to death. Nothing wrong with this per se but it is the reason we experience ourselves as separate from the natural world. We can trace this evolutionary step to a more mind based consciousness back to the beginning of agriculture. As we made the move from hunter gatherers to agricultural farming, (No, farmers aren’t evil and this doesn’t mean the use of agriculture is a bad thing), I’m sure there are many farmers who feel a great connection to their land, animals and plants too etc. The point is that as we moved away from our hunter gatherer life with it went our symbiotic, immersive, reciprocal way of experiencing ourselves as a part of nature. Our relationship changed to the control and dominance over nature. To hunt and gather involves being present in the moment, often in an expanded receptive altered state of connected awareness, our bodies senses become enlivened and we feel, sense, intuit and know. We have all had gut feelings before or just known when something was going to happen, this is experiencing the intelligence of our body. Communication does not just happen on the neural linguistic level. The seat of intelligence does not start and end at the head brain. It is our whole bodies that nature is intelligently creating and functioning without a single thought or control from your ‘conscious mind’ self. That which animates us with the vital life force, that which is streaming through your eye balls.

It can be said that we possess three brains, the other two are the Heart and the Gut, both contain brain cells within them known as neurones and all three centres communicate via the vagus nerve. The Gut could be called our primal brain, (instinctual). The heart is our organ of perception, (emotional) and the head is our biological processor, (knowledge). In a sense as we bypass the thinking mind and feel in to the body we create a space inside of us, where the intelligence of nature can be heard.