Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul


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In ‘Re-wilding with the Labyrinth’ Mark Willenbruch presents an introduction both to the labyrinth and to the power of plants. In his charming story-telling style, he leads his reader on a winding path to the centre and out again, outlining how the labyrinth can re-awaken our senses and connect us with Nature. By describing his own personal journey, mixed in with some modern science and ancient wisdom, Mark demonstrates how the labyrinth helps us to be present in the moment, realising that all of Nature is infused with Spirit and learning directly from the plants. (Herbalist and medicine woman Carole Guyett. Carole has a 7 circuit herb labyrinth on her land which she uses for personal and group ceremony, healing, essence making and much more.)  find out more about Caroles work here @ http://www.derrynagittah.ie

”Re-wilding with the labyrinth” is a little gem of a book; embrace it with the same care and craft that created it and surely you will be inspired. It is a genuine and timely call to re-engage with the timeless power of the labyrinth.  Daniel Docherty. Teacher, artist, Sacred Geometry. http://www.sacredartofgeometry.com

“After reading Mark’s booklet Re-Wilding With the Labyrinth I went to walk in my seven tiered labyrinth. I have walked this labyrinth hundreds of times but always with my focal point being in my heart. This time I did as Mark suggested and focused on my ‘gut brain’ then my ‘head brain’ and next my ‘heart brain’. I found myself becoming super inspired knowing on an instinctual level (gut) that the emotions emerging (heart) were genuine and that I could understand the tasks involved (brain) to bring them forward into a direction of renewal in my life. I left the labyrinth knowing (on all levels) what I’m to do in this next phase of my life. Mark’s work with labyrinths, plants and nature is a unique way of working with nature consciousness that brings us to the next step in our evolution. Get ready, because this little booklet might change your life.”
Pam Montgomery, author of Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness

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