Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Entraining with Holly


I recently took a trip to meet a friend in Minehead and the medieval town of Dunster in West Somerset. Primarily to meet a friend but I thought I’d check out the area to see if there were any interesting Earth energies about the place. After writing a post on the ‘Earth energies, alignments and leys’ facebook page, a couple, whom I’d previously met whilst they were dowsing, got in touch to say they have done a lot of work in the area and suggested checking out Bratton woods. Gordon and Geraldine work with what they call Beacon tree’s, Oak tree’s that are emitting a lot of light energy. Gordon mentioned that he had found one Beacon tree on the East end of the woodland but that there was one more. So we went off to Bratton woods to see if we might locate a Beacon tree.

Driving through Dunster I could see the signs of a slightly more untamed elemental landscape than the other part of Somerset I had come from, the elemental energies were slightly wilder here, possibly being closer to the coast and may be a change in the substrate or just the slightly more pronounced hillsides. We drove through the medieval town of Dunster, well worth a visit, and on to Bratton to locate the woods. A local farmer pointed us to the track which led up to the hillside and woodland, apparently known locally as stinky lane! There was a fire at the entrance on the right which looked like it is regularly used for burning brush and a farm with barn and stone wall directly opposite.  
As we ascended up the path to the top of stinky lane I noticed a change in energy, I dowsed what I thought may be a small energy line about 3 or 4 metres wide and about that same distance again to the top of the track to the gate, crossing the path horizontally. We crossed the line several times, dowsing its outer edges, giving our selves and the rods a warm up. Dowsing is not really my primary tool of use but it gives you quick answers, especially in terms of direction, simply stating what you are looking for and using the rod to point you towards the location is a very hand tool indeed.

Earlier in the week I had an interesting experience with a Holly bush. I was working, driving the tractor, and from a distance of about 100 foot away I felt a strong sensation in my body and my eyes fixated on an area as if I were in its ‘tractor’ beam, the spot that was pulling me in was by a water way, a stream, that runs under the track with an area that is fenced off in a triangular shape. As I got closer my gaze was fixated on a spot and I began to make out this Holly bush, I’d felt the essence of the Holly strongly within my body. I’d never noticed this particular bush before and Holly is also not a tree that I have ever worked closely with, though a very topical tree for this time of year. The actual bush it self is quite inconspicuous amongst other species of plant and you barely notice it, but it pulled me in. I carried on my task and on the way back I stopped and stood in front of the Holly, the energy was again effecting my body, not in bad way, though my heart had a clearing, a slight pointy painful clearing, like you might imagine the leaves to feel like on your skin. I also felt pressure in my head release, it all lasted a few moments then dispersed. I observed a Robin sat on the fence as I asked the Holly if there was a particular message? The Robin flew around the tree and flew off in a westerly direction, I simultaneously heard, ‘Head West’. Over the next few days I’d also had some intense clearing going on, some heat and anger passing through, that lasted a couple of days, I also noted that mass solar flares were happening at the time.

This encounter proved poignant on our visit to Bratton woods. As we entered the gate at the top of stinky lane, in to Bratton woods and asked the rods to point in the direction of the Beacon tree, both our rods pointed right, we headed along the path and again our rods began pointing at the same time diagonally left, towards the North West side of the hill. We started heading up ‘North Hill’ path, which is sign posted, and a little way up on the left of the path we were both drawn to a little enclosure, naturally formed by a Holly tree standing with its branches around an Oak,(see picture above). We sat under this natural shelter and played our instruments, a flute and shruti box and sang to the land, noticeable changes in the landscape played along with us, breezes at certain points though the day was still, crows and other birds appeared to call in response and a flock of pigeons emerged in the trees in front of us as we entered the timeless merging of dimensions within nature. It was a gorgeous experience of oneness and connection. Playing not a rehearsed piece but rather reacting to the moment, the lands song emerging through. This entrainment that happens when we sit in nature and use sound as a vehicle of connection and expression is currently what excites me the most. I know of the healing capabilities and adjustments to the body that sitting in nature can have and another very interesting point of this experience was that I had been suffering from quite a bad back injury all week and immediately after the experience and on the way walking back down stinky lane I suddenly realised I had no more pain! though I can not say it is completely better it is significantly better!! and has remained so still today.
Upon returning I sent an email along with the photograph at the top of the page with the Oak and Holly to Gordon, Gordon dowsed the photo and has confirmed he believes it to be the Beacon tree!

You can find out about Gordons work here – https://artisttreedowser.com/

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