Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Sara Domingo’s Danish Labyrinth

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I mentioned in the last newsletter that I had been doing a consultation for a friend to build a labyrinth in Denmark, I asked Sara if she would write a post about her process. Sara Domingo’s grammar is even worse than mine! haha, however, English is not her first or even her second language! She gave me permission to make any grammatical changes or to change any parts of the write up but I’ve only made the odd adjustment for translation purposes so as to keep it as close to her expression as possible. 

I am sure you will agree that it is a gorgeous story and an absolutely lovely process of connection and communication that Sara went through. Clearly, Sara already has a strong connection and ability to listen and hear nature, but wow! I so enjoyed reading about her exchange and experiences of the elements that were involved in this labyrinth’s creation, The dog Rose in the centre, the magnetism of the stones.. the communication and deep insights that were gained when the simple process of listening is engaged with. I wasn’t jealous but this would have been a lovely labyrinth to build as the Hecate labyrinth as it is known or by some the Chakra-Vyuha.. funnily enough it was this labyrinth that I wanted to build next, so in I was very happy to suggest this design after Sara told me of her connection to the spiral and the trinity, The Hecate labyrinth is related to the triple spiral ((((( may be include link to hecate labyrinth post))))))

I’ve sited the following with links at the bottom of the article. Hecate Labyrinth

Building the Hecate labyrinth. By Sara Domingo


‘’Being like a Rose bud’’ 

I did not have any plans of ending up in the coast lands of Djurdsland, Denmark, neither was my idea to build a labyrinth.

 But like the Universe often do, it likes to play hide and seek, and it likes when life is a game of changing directions at least thats how i have experience the great Universe of things to be with me. 

Now I’m here, not doing my farming course as I signed up for, instead, I’m building a labyrinth and finding all the wonders of the stone people. 

I didn’t do a great research and I did not know much about labyrinths, when I wake up one day and the idea had seeded in my head. I had met Mark about 3 years ago in South Spain and he was, I would say, the first person who ever told me about what a labyrinth is, so of course I wrote him that same day. It was exciting to feel his support and guidance from the beginning. 

First I read Marks book “Re-wilding with the labyrinth” and tried to draw some different labyrinth patterns. Quickly I resonated with the 5 ringed Hecate labyrinth, I have always felt more comfortable with the trinity and the number 3. So I took a quick decision. I had asked the farm near from where I was staying if I could build a stone labyrinth on their land. Funnily, the farm was called Stone farm so I thought that could only be a good sign. Soon they accepted my offer and I began to work with the piece of land they had allowed me to use. 

It was perfect! I thought it is was almost like someone has arranged it all to build a labyrinth here. There was a flat sandy surface covered in moss and lots of plantain with a beautiful Wild Rose in the middle right next to the ocean and 100 meters away from a big mound of stones. 

I didn’t have to meditate long to feel the land was waiting for this to happen. I decided to integrate the Rose bush in the centre of the labyrinth. After meditating and sitting on the land I made a deal with the Rose bush that I was only allowed to do the labyrinth in silence or singing, so from that moment I knew I could not use any electric tools.

The first day I took down a big wheel barrow with lots of tools to work the land where the I would build the labyrinth; A Scythe, Spade, Pruning Scissors… But, quickly it became disorganised in my head, I did not have any plan and lots of questions appeared that made me do nothing. How big would it be? Where should the entrance go? Should I take out the high plantain first? and how flat should the ground be..?? I required a plan.. which I did not have, perhaps it is in my character to avoid plans but in this moment I sat by the Rose and I observed its buds, the fruits of the Autumn. I thought about its journey being a bud then a rose then a bud again. At this moment I decided not to plan, not to mark the labyrinth, not to think so much about why I do it and what my intention would be, or which labyrinth to make. I would start with no preparation only with this connection to the Rose knowing that she would be the centre point and that she would birth the labyrinth like she gives birth to her flowers. She had all the answers to our labyrinth journey. I imagine the labyrinth at that point being a stone but that is opening and would becoming a full stone flower of the Earth, the excitement of a birthing flower, reminded me of my background as a Birth Doula and the supporting of a Mother in the birth of their child, the unknown is part of their excitement but is also a fear, embracing the unknown means to be pregnant, surrender is the birth. 

I concentrated on the centre on the rose and started working from the inside out. I pruned the Rose bush and gathered some of her buds in exchange, I buried some of my hair with the prayer that it would grow back strong. With the buds I made a tincture that I know has a special medicine and gift from the Rose bush. After that I made a ring of stone around her to mark the centre, to mark the bud and/or the pregnant belly. It felt so satisfying having begun this journey, working with the land which also gave me some grounding in this new phase of my life, where my soul is searching to ground, to find my own centre, and be able to re-connect with my roots here in Denmark.

Stone Love

After marking my centre I started building the seed pattern, I followed my first feeling and began to make the Hecate seed pattern.

 https://labyrinthsociety.org/labyrinth-types/3642-the-chakra-vyuha-labyrinth-aka-hecate-labyrinth – Here you can view the Hecate seed pattern and how to draw it on the labyrinth society website. 

Placing the stones I quickly realised that some stones just seem to easily touch each other and others, no matter how hard I tried, would not stay together, like two magnets with the same pole, there was a force that made them pull away. I thought this must be the different magnetism of the stones. 

Instinctively I was trying to find stones that had the plus and the minus so they would stick together. I thought also that the stones would prefer it like this.. there was a sensation of harmony and love when the stones touched each other in an easy way that wasn’t forced. 

This simplification of Love really stayed with me. The way stones love came to a matter of polarities of energy. I was thinking this must be the same with people, we just make it so much more complex since we have this menacing mind that questions and thinks and creates strategies, it wants to find the perfect match that not just feels good but also fits into our plans and dreams. 

I keep observing and noticing this magnetism, I wonder if it is what the stones are made of or where they come from that defines their magnetism. Most of the stones were collected from the field. As I mention before this field is 300 metres from the ocean so the stones are of different minerals probably rolled from different parts of the land, there were stones of different colours, Red, Green, even some had blue in them. They were of different shapes some round, some sharp, some were flint and even some had little quartz crystal in them.. with all this variations of stones it was very hard to find and answer of what defines their magnetism.. but wondering over this I wondered also what my magnetism was? as I reflected upon my life, as if I was a stone rolling in the bottom of the ocean being shaped from the force of the waves heating me against other rock , stones, pebbles, sand.. Am I still a stone in the ocean? or am i a stone of the land? Am I a stone in the deep warmth and fire of the Earth? or a stone on the top of a windy mountain? Every stone is in a constant shapeshifting by the great forces of nature, they are in a constant travel and probably it is the combination of it all that make them who they are. I do not have a clear conclusion and these days have only opened why..an intrigue in to the wonder of stone magnetism… 

This day I observed how most stones they fitted perfectly with each other despite their many differences they accepted each other, they were supporting one another and it seemed like they were happy to share some stories of their long life journey, but also I observed how a few stood out and were hard to integrate, I doubted it they at all wanted to be part of the labyrinth at all so I kept them out for now. 

Today I felt how the stones are alive, how they, like us, have a personality that is shaping and shifting and energy that they seem to be very aware of and over all I learnt today how love is much more simple when you are or dare to be like a stone 🙂 

End of part 1: This is currently where Sara has got up to. The pile of stones she is using has run low. So she is looking at locating another source of stones locally before finishing the labyrinth. Stay tuned for part 2. If you are interested in building your own labyrinth I offer consultation.

Consultation costs £25 or a donation and consists of advice, information and guidance on your project before, during and after via phone calls, email or zoom.

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