Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul




Sending Down our roots and remembering the Soul


I studied Herbal Medicine in Ireland on an Apprenticeship course with Herbalist Nikki Darrel. We would often work outside learning directly with the plants, using our senses as well as our intellect. Becoming aware of our ability for non verbal communication and the intelligence of the natural world that we are a part of is a path to healing not only ourselves and others but our connection to nature. Our relationship to the plants we work with is what forms the basis for what is known by some as Plant Spirit Healing.

It was also in Ireland that I first came across the Labyrinth whilst Woofing at Carraig Dulra permaculture farm, I could see the potential this design had for working directly with the plants and also in facilitating altered states of awareness that are conducive to communicating to the plant kingdom. I have recently written and illustrated a short book on this journey which will become available to purchase here soon.


Julie Wood

As a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons HM) I have studied how to use plants and trees for healing and use this knowledge in my practice at East Stour, Dorset. I have worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies for 10 years, making their herbal tinctures and giving herbal medicine advice in their Customer Services department. I have also conducted many walks and talks for Shaftesbury Abbey based on the Anglo Saxon uses of the plants and their approach to healing. I am very interested in the historic traditions and the roots of herbal medicine. The herb labyrinth is a wonderful tool for weaving together the many layers of knowledge that the plants can teach us. Vitality, spirit, emotional and physical aspects of healing are all represented within the herb labyrinth.  It introduces a whole-ness and connected-ness that, in itself, is balancing and creates well-being.


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  1. Hi there,

    I’m looking at doing a herm labyrinth on my double-plot allotment. I wondered if I could meet up with you to discuss it?


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