Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Second edition – ‘Re-wilding with the labyrinth’

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I’m excited to be writing a second edition of ‘Re-wilding with the labyrinth’. A short illustrated and hand-written biographical book inspired by the wisdom revealed through working with the labyrinth. Fuelled by a love of plants, nature and spirit, searching for deeper truths and connection lead me to taking a herbal apprenticeship in Ireland back in 2012? I think.. It was during this period that I found myself living on a permaculture farm for the summer in the wicklow mountains and my first encounter with what I was later to recognise as the labyrinth.

I’ll be adding two new sections to the book, one on working with plant spirit and another on how to create and build your own labyrinth which also includes a part on an exciting area of research in to the phenomena of pictograms!, Dowsable forms that appear in the ether, which gives credence to a theory I have on the origins of the original Labyrinth. The book will be published through Greenmagic publishing, hopefully this year, 2022.

I was actually working on a new book this year, ‘Nature speaks re-enchancted with the land’, which was inspired through working with sound, and is an extension to the online course – Nature Speaks, Working with plant spirit’ but I’ve ended up putting that on hold as I really wanted to get Re-wilding with the labyrinth out there to a larger audience.

The core teaching that came through working with the labyrinth is an absolute pearl, a universal teaching of our bodies intelligence and our ability for connecting through awareness. I truly believe its vital information for anyone wishing to connect deeply with themselves and the earth during these times we are living in.

You can find out more about that ‘technique’ which came through working with the labyrinth through these internal awareness exercises

Hakalau https://youtu.be/_3X4PXHrDK4 and inner /outer awareness https://youtu.be/e9X-HHmOqtg

and if you wish to go deeper the online course which may not be live? haha.. if you want to do it then ping me an email I’ll activate it for you. https://wildwisdom.org.uk/online-learning/ or there are always 1to1’s which can take the form of healing, coaching or mentoring. Coaching is life stuff, finding your path, help and guidance where as mentoring is specific to learning the ways. 1to1’s – https://wildwisdom.org.uk/one-to-one-sessions/

Illustration below – Dog rose Dreaming. Re-wilding with the Labyrinth.

I had a very vivid experience of an Alsatian dog running up behind me and sitting behind my right shoulder as I sat in the physical presence of a beautiful pink dog rose. The experience spoke of the masculine principle of the heart and of protector. This is plant spirit medicine without psychoactive’s. A consciously aware and awake dream in physical waking reality. Spirit talking. Doesn’t happen everyday but these divine moments are poignant and happen more when we are relaxed, unrushed in life, happy, content, listening, present, willing and open. Then we may be in a place to hear and receive.

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