Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Self Heal, Prunella Vulgaris

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I decided to make a sun infused oil from Self Heal today… Bare with this post as we’ll be easing in to Self Heal later on, we’ll get there don’t worry! just need to meander our way in to it – We need to talk about John, St John of course. I have been waiting to make an oil with St Johns Wort, Hypericum perforatum and now is the perfect time but it just doesn’t grow that well here! annoyingly its brothers and sisters from the Hypericum family genus seem to love growing here but they reputedly don’t have a medicinal effect. At least apparently not on the pharmacological level.

I’ve used St Johns Wort oil for quite a few years now, its brilliant bright red colour is a beauty to behold and says something of its medicinal value for treating sun burn, burns, rashes and skin related issues. I would use it in a sort of male grooming fashion for dry skin on the old boat (face) but have wondered whether basting my precious face in this oil and then spending the day in the sun was wise..? I have heard of cases in cattle that have eaten quantities of St johns Wort getting badly sun burnt. It is known to increase people’s photo sensitivity to UV sun light, it really is a plant of the Sun! The light bearer! Though in saying this, St Johns Wort is a great oil to use on the skin at the end of the day and particularly if you have had sun exposure, it was using it in the morning and then spending all day long in the sun that had me questioning my use of it. To be honest any oil on the skin and prolonged exposure to the sun is probably not such a good idea, best practice is to cover up, limit your exposure, get a hat and put a medicinal oil on your skin in the evening.

Self Heal, Prunella Vulgaris

Here we go..

With this in mind I had started to wonder what other plants might work well as an oil. I’d considered Self Heal as it grows abundantly on the lawns here, looking rather magnificent, (as you can see from above). Then I had a cue from a visitor, as she walked the labyrinth she stopped to pick some Self Heal growing out from under the stones on her way round, she mentioned it made a lovely oil. Self Heal is an interesting plant as it has fallen out of favour in our modern day herbal use. Traditionally Self Heal, also known as; All-heal, touch and heal, wound wort, Hercules’ Woundwort, pay testament to how high a regard this plant was seen in times gone by. It has a long history as a wound healer in Europe and as a general tonic. In china it is used for fevers and ‘firey’ liver conditions. Flu’s and hot flushes. There’s more but I’ll leave it for you to look up if you are interested in its medicinal uses, as an oil it has been shown to protect the skin from UV damage! Bingo!

Soon to be Sun infused Self heal oil.

To say a word or two on working with the spirit of this plant..It feels to hold a strong grounding element yet its ultra violet colours of Blue and Purple hold a key to higher vibrations. Its name is indeed apt to working with a plant at the level of spirit as we self heal. When working with plant spirit we are tuning in to the bodies ability to heal itself. When we sit with a plant, our body has the opportunity to match its resonance. Our bodies have the ability for self healing and sitting with plants or in nature there is a DNA coding which happens, our bodies speak and get spoken to by the electromagnetic etheric cords that undulate throughout our landscape. We have contorted our selves, restricting life’s flow and intelligence and as we free ourselves up and connect again with something that is whole (plants in this case) we then begin to re-cognise, the cogs turn and we re-align. It is almost as if Self Heal does not want to be put in to categorisation, He/she, like all plants are much more than the sum of their constituent parts.

I don’t know to what message these two were giving me but they weren’t there the first time I looked. Amor’e


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Evening Primrose Medicine



Last year someone had suggested they would like a workshop on Evening Primrose. This sounded like a grand idea as there were many Evening Primroses at Emerson College, so after watching them open in the evening we could walk a candle lit labyrinth. Perfect timing I thought.

From initial conversations with Evening Primrose I felt a soothing coolness, a white soft enveloping light. Relaxing, nourishing, revitalising. It spoke to its connection to the moon and the feminine yet at the same time seemed connected to the solar plexus, suggesting sun and warmth, its stems and seed pods have a red tinge of fire to them. Some see this plants element as being most associated with Earth, yet I felt a strong connection with the solar plexus suggesting fire as well as an even stronger opposing yin character. Plants, like ourselves, contain all the elements to varying degrees and Evening Primrose seemed to be voicing a balancing of both the yin and yang. Male and female aspects.

The uncommon activity of the flowers opening during the evening and in to the night suggested of its ability to shine its light in to the darkness, expressing itself in fullness. I felt a plant for working on the subconscious aspects of ourselves, shining the light of our conscious awareness on to the shadow parts of ourselves and in doing so releasing bound up energy, unlocking creative life force, opening to our individual power through the solar plexus helping us to express more of our true essential nature.

I think this was all absolutely valid but my journey with Evening Primrose hasn’t stopped there. Looking back now, I can see the deep work that I was just stepping into which carried on revealing itself as the unconscious patterns of my own childhood arise in to the light of my awareness.¬†Evening Primrose was helping me in this process of uncovering those wounded parts of myself. I now know she does this through encouraging us to relax. In feeling relaxed, at ease and safe we are able to feel in to the parts of us that have not felt heard, the wounded parts that are afraid. These parts can influence our relationships, our decisions, every aspect of our lives. We carry them as unconscious thought patterns, story lines, underlying fears, feelings and emotions that got stuck frozen in time. It is not that we need to fix them, change them, even ‘heal’ them as such, but simply bringing them in to awareness and letting them know they are now heard and acknowledged.

Ways to work with these aspects.

We might say, ”I see you”, or, I prefer ”I hear you”, when we feel these parts or stories coming up in the moment. Each time, simply returning to our breath and conscious moment awareness. If doing deeper work, we can sit and feel in to these parts, acknowledging them, telling them that it’s ok to be here and that you hear them now.

You could visualise a child in the corner of a room, head bowed down, crying. How would you react to this child? What would you say to this child? The way in which you interact with this child may be the way in which you engage with these parts of yourself. There is no need to fix them but as they feel more heard they may completely transform, they may shrink or they may remain but as life goes on we grow in peace. We grow in awareness of ourselves as we fully flower into the light of our true essential nature, bringing all aspects of ourselves together, the darkness included.

I recently found this information on evening primrose essence which echoed the very work I have been doing on child hood wounds. We all have childhood wounds, this does not mean we had a rough childhood or were abused. The act of simply being born is traumatic. We may even be carrying wounds from the womb, prior to birth, as we soaked up the emotions or situations that were presenting in our environment. I believe the very essence of life is to experience it in its full gory, sorry glory. The pain and the pleasure, the bliss and the heartbreak, the joy and the sorrow. As we navigate life through living in self awareness.

I was amazed to read this description of evening primrose essence as it echoed alot of what has currently come to light with my own healing. Support was already informing my life prior to me even being aware of the deeper work I was about to engage with. Plants, indeed life, is supporting and informing our growth in ways we have no idea of. https://www.spiritoftransformation.com/Essencedescriptions/eveningprimrose.pdf

Evening Primrose