Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Natures Wisdom

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Welcome to NaturesWisdom.

This blog will serve as a point for sharing my ramblings, herbal medicines, projects, workshops and news.

Nature is in constant communication and we are a part of this conversation, when we are able to still our minds and listen to our bodies we can ‘hear’ the subtle voice all around us. Synchronicity, life force trying to get your attention is often disregarded as coincidence but become aware of this fact and watch it cascade in to your life with an explosion. It is our feeling awareness not the logical mind that perceives of this all encompassing intelligence. We are taught that the imagination is not grounded in the real world and are labelled a ‘Dreamer’ when it is the Imagination that is key to problem solving, figuring things out, the blueprint of our thoughts are the basis for what becomes manifest. Creation… We are a part of… accompanying to… and assisting with. So the Universe is not a thing that is happening out there but rather through us when we become consciously aware.

This may all sound like hocus pocus”?/! but it is now being rediscovered by Science in the exploration of the Quantum. The double slit experiment demonstrates that the observers expectation of the results have an effect on the outcome, the atoms respond according to the conscious observation of them. Although Science is indeed fascinating and gives clarification to our logical left brains it is in the marriage of both the left and right hemisphere’s of the brain and the whole body ”thinking” awareness that we start to perceive of our natural place within the whole.


I am now in collaboration with individuals and organisations in producing exciting projects and workshops. One up coming project I will be documenting here is creating a herb Labyrinth with Tuppenny Barn, an organic farm and education centre in West Sussex. The Labyrinth will have multiple uses, to grow herbs, used as an eduction tool and healing focus. Walking the labyrinth is an ancient exercise and is used to find an inner stillness, ask questions and find answers, it reflects the path of life and has multiple uses.

The workshops I am running are focused on exploring our inner landscape through Creativity and Nature Therapy. I have a great love of natural medicine, I will be uploading many herbal remedies I make throughout the year, these too will be a focus of future workshops.

Thank you for your interest,

Please feel free to get in contact for any enquires.


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