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Creative Intentions

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Creative Intentions.

Unlocking our Creative Potential…

We are all inherently Creative. Creativity is not restricted to the few who are able to draw, paint, sing, dance or play an instrument (deemed ‘creative’ by the academic mind set). In a sense creativity is what we are, or rather we are in a constant state of creating. The Imagination is key, as well as our senses. Becoming immersed and aware of our bodies helps us to delve deeply in to our creative flow, as well as nourishing our overall well being. Further still, we can direct this focused energy in to any endeavour we feel passionate about.


”The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations.”

The Imagination is key to the creative process. Ideas are like the building blocks or blueprints to a creation before it becomes manifest. Creation can of course be seen in the beauty of the living planet as well as in material man-made structures.

Everything in Creation is made up from atoms- you, me and the chair you are sat on, are just infinitesimally small parts of matter.

According to Quantum physics, our electrons and the electrons in the environment around us repel one another, a bit like when you have two magnets pole to pole. And so the sensation of touch is purely the brains interpretation of the interactions of our electrons and the electro magnetic field around us.

Thoughts create things…

lets take a light hearted look at the ”true” story of the beginnings of the humble chair, a creative one if you will, ‘The Story of the invention of the chair’.

Back in days of Old before the mass producing of furniture lived a Swedish peasant farmer by the name of Edgar Ikea Chairman, he kept Goats and suffered horribly from Piles as he spent his days sat upon the cold floor milking his heard, One day whilst sat on the bare ground grimacing in pain he noticed a piece of wood next to him, he took the piece of wood and sat on it hoping it would ease the pain, which it did, Edgar then had an idea! he could shape this wood to fit his behind whilst being the perfect height to milk his goats. He set about working out several designs before settling on the three legged milking stool, It worked a treat, his Piles no longer hindered him and his milking times doubled.


So this light hearted look at how an invention came in to being loosely describes the process of our thoughts acting as the blueprints or foundation of our creations, in this case a solid 3-D object we now know as a chair. Our Imaginations are powerful and in Society today this notion is not necessarily encouraged, and perhaps even ridiculed as ”dreamy”, when in fact the Imagination is key to problem solving and the thinking process. Western Education, while great in many ways, tends to lean heavily on a left brain approach to learning. The left hemisphere deals with logical, linear thinking, (i.e. numbers, statistics, analysis and science), and while we do need to utilise this part of our brain it is a just small proportion of our entirety. The right brain on the other hand deals with creativity, Intuition, emotions, passion and holistic thinking.


But it is not only the brain that we are dealing with when we speak of intelligence. For instance, how does the body know how to processes all it does without our conscious awareness? Incredible!  According to the Harvard Psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner, we each possess multiple levels of intelligences:

1. Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)

2. Musical Intelligence

3. Logical-Mathematical

4. Existential Intelligence (Sensitivity to deep questioning)

5. Interpersonal Intelligence(People skills)

6.Bodily Kinaesthetic (Body Awareness)

7.Linguistic Intelligence

8.Intra-personal Intelligence (self inquiry)

9.Spatial Intelligence

Today we see Science and Biology beginning to understand fundamental functions of the human body, which ancient Sages and Yogi’s have known for thousands of years.

Recent research on the human Gut has discovered a nervous system so complex it has been dubbed the Gut Brain or the second brain. Although we are not conscious of the Gut thinking it helps us detect environmental threats and influences our reactions. For example, when we get a gut feeling or butterflies in our stomach.

In Eastern traditions they have the Chakra system- seven energy centres running up the spinal column that relate to many different aspects. In Chinese acupuncture and spiritual traditions of the orient, they believe in meridian lines- subtle energy channels which run through the body with three main energy centres: the navel, the heart and the head. Interestingly these correspond to the Gut, Heart and Brain centres. Western Science has now discovered that these centres are actually in constant communication with one another via sending electrical impulses.

Once we begin to view individuals from a ‘whole-person’ perspective, and encourage this form of learning and expression, I believe we would begin to see individuals thrive, as well as witness a decline in many of the societal problems we face today. When a person is interested in a particular field of enquiry and is encouraged to follow this, they will be enthused, passionate and excited about their education. Education today is producing people fit for the economy not the community. It is no coincidence that the eduction system started at around the time of the Industrial Revolution as workers were needed to fill job positions. And today it seems we are still being educated for economic agendas, not one for betterment of  individuals and the community at large.

The ‘Creative Intentions’ workshop has been specifically devised to awaken the body and activate our intuition, specific exercises to help fine tune our senses and navigate our inner landscape with the ultimate result of realising our aspirations, projects and goals.

The workshop is run by myself  and Lydia Baksh a trained Kundalini Yoga and movement teacher

We will have more news on upcoming workshops in the future so stay posted.


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