Sending down our Roots and remembering the Soul

Working with the Labyrinth


The Labyrinth as a tool for Re-Wilding.


My journey with the Labyrinth has been an unexpected and synchronous one. It started one Summer whist looking after a Permaculture Farm in County Wicklow, Ireland. Myself and a friend had been given the job of replenishing the ‘Herb Spiral’ at Carraig Dulra Permaculture farm. We instinctively used the spiral path as a walking meditation, setting intentions and in sacred ceremony. It wasn’t until two years later that I came across the work of Eve Hogan that I then realised the ‘Herb Spiral’ was also a 3 circuit classical Labyrinth. So two years on I followed the signs and ended up in Scotland doing a Labyrinth Facilitators course with veriditas www.veriditas.org, it deepened my knowledge and understanding for what this ancient archetypal symbol was about. Energy flows in Spirals. From the Spiralling of the Galaxies and planetary bodies to water down the plug hole, in a seed head or the shell on a snails back we see this spiral design throughout nature and it is within us as the spiralling DNA strands and of spinning energetic chackras.

Connecting the dots…Walking the path… At a recent event, ‘Plant Consciousness’, I met Dr David Bruce Leonard, an amazing guy who has studied extensively with Hawaiian Plant teachers. His was the first stall I wandered over to and picked up his book by the name of ‘WildWisdom’! In the middle of the book he has a Labyrinth!! Dumbfounded I asked what the connection was and he tells me its the best thing he’s ever found that connects an individual to the state of consciousness that is required when out collecting medicinal plants!!! The Labyrinth is a great tool for bringing our awareness from the exterior in to the inner realms of feeling, emotion and awareness, also bringing our sight to the peripheral vision that the Hawaiian Healers use in their meditation technique of Hakalau that David Bruce Leonard was taught by his Teachers.

You can practice Hakalau by staring at a fixed point just above your line of sight, as you focus all of your attention on this point after a while you will notice the peripheral field coming in to your awareness, now concentrate more on your peripheral vision than the centre point. The Hawaiian Plant medicine practitioners would use this practice, along with bodily awareness whilst out collecting plants for healing an individual. They would hold the vision of the person they were collecting plants for and in their altered states were able to ‘hear’ which plants were needed and in what way to use them.

Dr David Bruce Leonard found that the Labyrinth bought about this state of consciousness  instantaneously. He has some thoughts on why this was, he says, ”We enter a Labyrinth with reverence, thereby creating sacred space. We quiet our minds and pay attention. This is exactly the same meditative state we create as we prepare to enter the forest to gather plants. In a Labyrinth we spend most of our time moving our bodies in a relaxed way and with compete awareness. This also has a lot of similarities to the way we move in a forest. And lastly when we are in a Labyrinth their are often people around us. We generally do not look at them when passing, but we are very conscious of their movements and we tend to track them out of the corners of our eyes. Tracking what passes by us as we use peripheral vision is exactly what is entailed within the practice of Hakalau and Hakahele=(Hakalau practiced whilst walking)

Below is a picture from ”The Art of building a Healing Labyrinth” course I attended with Geomancer and Master Builder Dominique Susani in Co.Cork. Ireland 2015. The Labyrinth was built using exact measurements and equations worked out by the locations latitude in relation to the Sun and the Moon at Summer Soltice. This gives an equation that can be formulated to give you a harmonised space, Summer Soltice being the highest energetic point in the year. So when you create an object, building or space using those measurements you are creating an energetically harmonious space. The tradition of the European Master builders went back to the Druids who built sacred sites, many sacred sites around the Globe, e.g. certain Pyramids, many European Gothic Cathedrals would have been built using this knowledge but like many things today its something we have lost, our connection to nature, but that is what we are reclaiming!

Links :- 

David Bruce Leonard’s website – http://earthmedicineinstitute.com – David’s School in Hawai’i.

Dominique Susani – http://www.sacredgeometryarts.com – Sacred Geometry Products.

Plant Consciousness. Davyd and Emma Farrell – http://www.plantconsciousness.com

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12 thoughts on “Working with the Labyrinth

  1. Interesting post. Thanks. I’ve been wanting to create a labyrinth for a long while maybe 2016 is the year to do it!


  2. This is one of the reasons I love living in Damanhur in Italy, where we have over 30 kilometers of labyrinths all across the Sacred Woods Temple. I have been a part of the creation of several labyrinths at Damanhur and in other places, and it is always a thrill to step into one for the first time.


    • Hi Tigrilla, It must be an inspiring place to live. Amazing work you have done with plants there!
      Coincidentally I was listening to a national radio show here in UK just the other day and they started talking about Damanhur. This was on a mainstream radio show but one of the guys had been to Damanhur, I think as a reporter or something and went very sceptical but left in awe of the place and the community, he gave impression over all. He mentioned the work with singing plants and the underground cathedrals, he also said there is a room that is a fully functioning time machine?
      Can you enlighten on this statement? Thanks Tigrilla


      • It is an amazing place! The “Music of the Plants” is my area of expertise and my passion. The report was probably by David Bramwell. He has been here several times, and at the beginning of that broadcast, you hear me welcoming him to Damanhur. David is slightly obsessed with the time machine; it is his favorite topic. I keep telling him to come study Spiritual Physics so he can better understand how it works, but so far he has not registered for the course. 😉
        I can say that time is an area that Damanhur has been researching for 40 years, and that travel is indeed possible. How? For that, we need more time and space than a simple comment box can provide. There are people that have dedicated much of their lives to understanding the nuances, and there is still so much to learn.

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  3. I havn’t studies the area of time travel but I would imagine and experience degree that it is a case of vibrational physics. I’d imagine its not so much of traveling from one point to another more of being a vibrational match to something else. Anyway great work with the Plants, I had the pleasure of hearing you and the plants at Plant Consciousness in the UK a couple of years ago.


    • If you ever want to learn more, you are welcome to come and study with us.
      Plant Consciousness was a great conference, happy to hear you were there! Would love to make it back out to the UK this year to talk about some of the newest research coming out in the fields of health and communication. Exciting to see how we are finally waking up to the understanding that plants are conscious.
      Have you seen our Sacred Woods Temple and all the labyrinths? https://www.flickr.com/photos/damanhur_ms/albums/72157637722279805


  4. Just saw this for the first time. Thanks for the post and sending these ideas outward! Mahalo nō hoʻi…


    • Thanks David,
      Good timing as we just had our first ‘Re-wilding with the Labyrinth workshop’. It was a beautiful workshop, working with several St John’s Wort species and the Labyrinth. Your work has been of great inspiration. I am currently working on a handwritten and illustrated booklet on the subject and would like to ask for your permission to be included within the content.
      All the best,


  5. Nice, I’ll send you a draft before going out.


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